While making sure that curbi remains the most advanced and capable Parent Control system on the market, we continue to rely on the '5 Pillars of curbi' to keep us heading in the right direction in this fast-moving area.


If necessity is the mother of all invention, curbi was invented from a ground breaking school iPad program.

In late 2010 iPads began to appear on the school scene and it was very clear that parent control of these new devices was going to be much more challenging than traditional desktop and laptop computers.

curbi development was commenced, working hand-in-hand with a small number of leading 1:1 iPad schools in Perth.  By late 2013 the completed curbi product was being trialled in a number of schools and the curbi revolution had begun.

curbi is now in use by an ever-growing number of schools across the world.  The curbi School Mode remains a key differentiator of curbi over newcomers to the parental control market.



SafetyNet is a partnership between the San Diego Police Foundation and the San Diego Internet Crimes against Children Task Force.  SafetyNet provides relevant and engaging cyber safety information to students, parents and educators in the San Deigo County.

SafetyNet has presented to over 100,000 people in the last 4 years.

SafetyNet is recognised as one of the leading CyberSafety programs in the United States as it uses a combination of expert delivery backed up by real-world case studies from the San Diego Police Department and the FBI.

curbi has partnered with SafetyNet to support the delivery of the program to the county of San Diego and to provide the curbi product with the benefit of expertise from this leading cyber safety organisation.


Child Psychology

Vivid Psychology has been consulting to the curbi project since its inception, providing professional input to the product.  Vivid Psychology is a leading Perth clinical psychology practice  focused entirely on children.  The practice has specialists in each of the three recognised child to adolescent age bands.

Vivid Psychology has developed the curbi Parent Guides using their considerable expertise and experience.



Academic Research

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is in the top 100 universities in the world and is the top ranked University in Western Australia.

UWA is two years into a three year project called Screen Use and Mental Health in 8-18 year olds.  This research project is being run by the University's Child Psychology department and is following the progress of over 2,000 children across the state over a three year period.   The project is using a number of methods to measure the childrens' screen use and consequent mental health state across the duration of the study.

This ground-breaking research is of national and international significance and will be published in 2015.  The research results will de-bunk some screen time myths while confirming others.

curbi has been fortunate to be in regular contact with the project team and take on many innovative ideas from this leading research project.


Parenting Specialists

Maggie Dent is Australia's leading parent specialist, running seminars and workshops across the country.  Maggie's expertise is in high demand and seminars of 1,000 seats typically sell out within minutes of release.

Maggie has partnered with curbi to provide her loyal followers with practical ways to help enforce their parenting rules around mobile device usage.  In Maggie's words, parents are facing a 'tsunami of technology' with many being overwhelmed.  Maggie and curbi are helping parents face and manage this challenge.

Input from Maggie and her team has been pivotal in the ongoing development and improvement of curbi.