curbi for Schools

curbi enterprise plan

The curbi Enterprise Plan allows your school to enter in to a discounted school-wide licencing deal to provide curbi Premium to your school community at no cost to parents.

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curbi and Schools

  • curbi includes a Safe Networks feature which allows the curbi Internet Filter (VPN) to switch off when the device joins a known school network.
  • no school technical setup is required.
  • there is no cost to the school.  Parents sign up for curbi as they wish.  Schools can enter in to a curbi Enterprise Plan if they wish.
  • Parents are in control once the iPads or iPhones leave the school.
  • curbi is Free.  The free tier of curbi provides basic device management for up to two devices.

Technical Information


curbi uses a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to control the devices.  Student iPads must be enrolled in the curbi MDM for curbi to work.

The school solution for curbi is part of the curbi Safe Networks feature.  Once registered, a school's Wi-Fi networks are marked as 'Safe' by curbi and cause the curbi VPN to switch of when detected.

This means that curbi's Internet Filter (i.e. VPN) will work just fine when the iPads are outside of the school and will switch off when the device joins the school Wi-Fi.