Parental controls on iOS devices have been very limited in the past.

All you have been able to do until now is switch off Safari, the Camera and App Dowloads.

The things that you can't do with existing parental control systems:

  • Set time limits - stop internet access at certain times
  • Content filtering - control all content going to the phone, without using a custom browser

Introducing curbi

curbi is a breakthrough in parental controls on Apple devices.

For the very first time you can set limits on when your child's device can be online.  You can also decide what type of sites can be accessed at what time, e.g. set up a Study Time rule that blocks all social media between 5pm and 8pm each school night.

Content Filtering is 'always on' with curbi.  All traffic going to the iPhone or iPad is passed through our content filter and certain site categories are always blocked.

As the manager of your child's devices you get instant access to the Rules, Usage and Apps for each device through the web and also your own iPhone.  curbi comes with a fully-functional iPhone app to make it easier than ever to keep an eye on your child's mobile device usage.

curbi truly is a breakthrough in parental control for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Try it for free today!