KoalaSafe and curbi

KoalaSafe and curbi provide you with the ultimate in parental controls for all of your kids' devices, inside and outside of the home.

KoalaSafe takes care of network access in the home.  This includes mobile devices and every other possible way your kids access the internet - laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, XBoxes, PlayStations and more.

curbi does the things that only it can do - content filtering outside of the home (using the Internet Filter) and app blocking on all mobile devices so that your child isn't playing Angry Birds into the wee small hours of the night. 


Here's how it works

KoalaSafe creates a new safe Wi-Fi network in your home.  You control the network along with time limits, rules and schedules in a very similar way to curbi - using your smartphone (Apple or Android) or via the Web.

You can create a profile for each of your kids.  Each profile has its own complete set of settings around schedules and rules.

KoalaSafe also gives you detailed information about what your kids are doing on the internet.

KoalaSafe can cover all devices that connect to the internet.  This includes mobile devices, laptops, desktops, XBoxes, PlayStations, Smart TVs - anything with a Wi-Fi connection.

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In support of our KoalaSafe partnership, curbi has the Safe Networks feature.  Safe Networks lets you designate a Wi-Fi network as safe.  When any of your iOS devices on curbi join a Safe Network, the curbi Internet Filter switches off.  This hands off content filtering to the Wi-Fi network.

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To get started with KoalaSafe just start up the KoalaSafe device and let your mobile devices connect to it!  Then go to curbi and enter the name of your KoalaSafe network (it's called Koala unless you change it) as a Safe Network.

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