curbi is a leading parental control service for Apple and Android mobile devices. Look at everything curbi can do for you!

Create curbi 'Rules' to control access Use the simple curbi rule templates to set up the rules that make sense in your family.
Timeout Timeout stops all internet access on Apple devices and stops all apps from running on Android.
Manage Restrictions Switch off risky features like In-App purchases direct from your own iPhone!
Block content categories Block categories of web sites and app content on Apple. Block entire categories of apps from running at all on Android.
Google Safe Search All browsers are covered on Apple devices. Only the curbi safe browser is allowed to run on Android.
Device usage View estimates of app and web usage on Apple devices based on network traffic. View precise app usage timings on Android. Get a weekly email report covering device usage for all of your devices.
View the apps installed on your child's device View all apps installed on your child's mobile device. On Android you can even block specific apps from running!
Manage curbi from your own device All of your Apple and Android devices can be managed from any iPhone, iPad or any computer via the Web.
Daily time limits On Android you can set a daily device time limit and even daily limits for catgeries of apps. For example, set a 1 hour device use limit then a 30 minute limit on games.
Cannot be removed by your child Apple does not allow the complete lockdown of a device, so we can't stop your child from removing curbi. If they do remove curbi we will let you know straight away. On Android, you child cannot remove curbi without your permission.
Safe Networks curbi's Internet Filter can switch off when your child's device joins a Safe Network.


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