curbi Enterprise Plans

We're pleased to be able to offer deep discounting through the curbi Enterprise Plan.

Through Enterprise Plan licensing, schools, or any organisation which supports parents, can sign up to an Enterprise Plan which includes discounted curbi licensing.

How much can we save?

If you have a number of parents from your organization using curbi already, an Enterprise Plan makes curbi free for the parents while your organisation takes care of licensing.

You organization then pays a yearly licencing fee, which can be as low as 50% of the retail cost to parents if they were purchasing curbi individually.

How do we get started?

First of all you decide how many devices (iOS and Android - the rates are different) you wish to be licensed for.

We then set up a curbi Enterprise Plan for your organization where you pay for the curbi licencing for the upcoming 12 months.

We then provide you with all the details to get your parents on to curbi for free!  This includes new users and moving existing curbi users over to the Enterprise Plan.

How does it work?

Once your Enterprise Plan is set up, you are given two things:

  1. Your organisation's Enterprise Plan link; and 
  2. Your access code.  This can be set by you and changed on request.

From there you can simply provide the link to the curbi Enterprise Plan to prospective users.  The access code is required for people to join your Enterprise Plan.

What do school administrators see?

School administrators are given access to the curbi administration console so that they can see exactly what a parent sees when managing their curbi account.

This includes a full listing of accounts associated with their school and the ability to view and change device rules.

WHAT do parents see?

All you need to do is make the curbi Enterprise Plan link available to your parents, securely provide the access code to them and they are away!

Here is an example of the Enterprise Plan sign up screen...