Enrolling devices for use at school

Any iOS device managed by curbi can be set up to work at your school.

In all cases your school needs to register with us first so that we can make stuff work.  Registering with curbi is very simple for a school to do and requires no changes at the school.

Once your school is registered, there are two ways to set up your curbi-managed devices to work at school.


Many schools allow student iPhones to connect to the school Wi-Fi network.  This lets the students use the school's internet connection so they don't burn their mobile data allowance.

To set up your child's curbi-managed iPhone for school access, just open the curbi app on your iPhone, iPad or on the web, go to the Device tab for the iPhone and 'select a school'.

If you don't see your school on the list, let us know, or even better, ask the school to register with us.

That's it!  Your child's iPhone will now be able to connect to the school Wifi and use their internet connection.


In most cases, iPads can be set up just like iPhones.

If you find that you can't enroll your child's iPad in curbi following the normal process, your school is probably running an iPad management system called MDM - mobile device management.

curbi uses an MDM system just like some schools.  Unfortunately an iPad can't be enrolled in two MDM systems at once, which means that you won't be able to enroll the iPad with curbi.