curbi for Schools

Under the curbi 2.0 update we have changed the way curbi works in the school environment.

Under curbi 1.0 we had the curbi4schools app which allowed iOS devices already enrolled in an MDM system to be enrolled with curbi.

Over the 2 years that we ran curbi4schools we found it to be unreliable to the point where we have had to retire this approach.

We now require every device managed by curbi to be enrolled in the curbi MDM.  This means that iOS devices (iPads) already enrolled in a school MDM system can not longer be managed by curbi.

This was a difficult decision for us to make given the large number of devices on the curbi4schools program, but we were just not happy about the level of control and reliability that curbi4schools gave us.

We still support curbi in the schools environment and still register schools with curbi to ensure that curbi switches off its VPN when the device joins a school network.

We're also working on a new enterprise licencing plan for curbi to make curbi even more affordable and attractive to school communities.