curbi and iOS 10

We're pleased to announce that curbi is now verified against iOS 10.

With iOS 10 being released this week, we've been able to complete testing on the final version of iOS 10 released by Apple to developers.

We have been testing and updating curbi for iOS 10 since July this year when the first preview releases of iOS 10 were released to developers.

The one change that you will notice with iOS 10 is the removal of the curbi helper app.  We introduced this app earlier this year to prevent apps from having their order jumbled up when they returned from being hidden during a Timeout or Block All rule (such as Bedtime).

The curbi helper app trick no longer works, so we're not installing it under iOS 10.  This does mean that apps come back in a jumbled order now after being hidden, but all is not lost.  Apple has thankfully stopped deleting Folders when apps are hidden, so any Folder grouping of apps is now preserved.

You can find more details about App Hiding and iOS 10 here.