A Teenager's Perspective

Having trouble concentrating while you are trying to study? Constantly checking your phone and social media? Well you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of teenagers suffer from this exact problem. We are so paranoid while we study that, even when we aren’t receiving messages or notifications, we are thinking about the messages we could be getting, or whether we have done something wrong to make our friends not message us. Just a quick check of Instagram can lead to hours of constant scrolling which inevitably, gets you nowhere. By the time you put your phone down all of the scrolling has made you tired and you’re left with no time to study.

Fed up with this constant distraction and in an attempt to put an end to it your thought process may have gone a little like this…

“Ok… time to study, I am going to put my phone on do not disturb so it doesn’t distract me.”

And when this fails…

“Alright, no phone in the room while I study, I’m going to turn it off and lock it in my closet.”

But eventually you crack and check your phone before you’ve done an adequate about of school work, worried about anything you may have missed out on?

Well, I may have a solution for you. At the beginning of year 11, I found myself with this exact problem. I wanted to do the best I could in school yet I constantly found myself laying on my bed checking my phone when I should have been studying. I felt as though I had done hours of study when in reality, I had wasted my time going back and forth to check my phone, never really getting into a good study mindset.

As much as I love Instagram and Snapchat, I told myself, “It’s time you let go for a few hours a day.” To solve my problem I looked up some ways to stop my phone being such a distraction and eventually, I came across Curbi. Curbi is a control mechanism which, among many other things, can put time boundaries on app usage. I read into the product a bit more and realised this is what I needed, Curbi would allow me to cut out distractions for certain time frames when I would be studying. I told my dad about my plan to set restrictions on my phone for three hours after school, and in this time I would get all my school work done, and  of course… he was ecstatic! So, from 4.30pm through to 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook weren’t accessible on my phone. This allowed me to stop stressing about what was happening on my phone when I was studying, as nothing was. By having this time restriction thoughts about social media disappeared as I knew it was simply unavailable, there was no more sneaking into my room guiltily to check Snapchat when I knew I should be studying, as there was no point!

By having these apps blocked on my phone for three hours a day, it stopped any distractions while I studied and allowed me to concentrate on my school work when I needed to, but still be able to check social media after.