Make the iPad a dedicated book reader

"I'm going to go upstairs and read a book on my Kindle app".

This is the exact line I would have used if I was a kid today. I'd argue that I needed to take my iPad to bed at night because I wanted to read. There would be no reading. I'd be goofing off on Snapchat or Instagram. I'd be playing Clash of Clans instead of sleeping.

With curbi, this is a solvable problem. Does your kid want to read before bed. That's great! Tell them to make sure they have the book they want downloaded, and then open the curbi app on your phone to enforce a "time out". A time out on curbi simply blocks all communication to the device. There will be no Instagram or Snapchat. They are shut down. The only apps that will work is ones that don't require the internet.

  • Pandora? Blocked.
  • Facebook? Shut down.
  • Netflix? Don't even think about it

By using curbi, your child can get as much reading time as they want without being tempted to "just hop on Instagram for just a minute".