Why Schools Should Care about curbi

Technology deployments in schools can be complex. There are a lot of things that go into a successful one. This includes vision, leadership, proper networking, etc. Parent support is a key one, though. Parents have to buy into your program. They will likely have a considerable expense in the deployment through fees or direct purchase. One of the things I've seen that has brought down programs is children using the technology inappropriately at home. This was at the heart of the failure of the Los Angeles Unified School District iPad program failure. The schools had one vision of how the kids were to use the iPads at home, and the kids had another vision.

While schools can deploy all sorts of firewalls and filters on campus, they certainly are not going to be in the business of managing and securing home Wi-Fi connections. This is where curbi comes into play.

curbi is a turn key solution for parents with no network modification for schools.

Parent's get the peace of mind while the kids are at home or at friend's houses. IT administrators get control of the devices while they are on campus, but can trust that they are being filtered when off campus. If your school isn't promoting curbi, why not? curbi is the missing key to parent satisfaction in your technology program.

Get signed up today to have curbi work perfectly with your school network. All we need is your IP address and Wi-Fi name. This will disable curbi while devices are on campus, but it will re-activate it when they leave the campus Wi-Fi.