Say Goodbye to Instragram, It’s Study Time

 Each evening as kids head to their rooms to study, parents are left to wonder, “Are they really studying?”   For teens, tweens and even a few elementary school children, mobile devices are now ubiquitous. They are the primary source for communication, entertainment and in many cases, homework.  However, teaching children to set aside the communication and entertainment functions while studying can be tricky. 

Today, many parents are turning to curbi to facilitate that process.  By utilizing curbi’s “StudyTime” feature, parents can restrict apps and social media for the hour or two kids spend doing homework.   Both the times and days of the week are completely customizable, making it easy for parents to promote focused learning.   The same flexible scheduling is available for “SleepTime” as well. 

Helping kids avoid Instagram for even a short period of time each day provides parents with a strategic opportunity to teach self-discipline.  It is unlikely their social status will suffer, but quite possible their grades may improve.