NOTICE: curbi Shutting Down

Due to changes in Apple's App Store policies, curbi will no longer be permitted on the App Store.

Apple will be removing curbi from the App Store on February 19, 2019. At this point we will also be removing curbi from the Google Play Store. The curbi servers will be shut down on February 28, 2019.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause, but Apple have decided they won't allow apps like curbi any more. The Apple version of curbi was far more popular than the Android version, so with the shut down of curbi for iOS we will also be shutting down curbi for Android.


Keeping mobile devices locked, blocked and safe for your child.

curbi is the best way to manage and monitor your child’s mobile web and app activity. With just a couple of clicks you can lock apps, block inappropriate sites and put a time limit on screen time.

curbi is all about protection for your child, and peace of mind for you. It’s simple to use and gives you complete control over the content your child can access from smartphones or tablets.

curbi plays nice with both Apple and Android mobile devices. You use the curbi app on your own smartphone or tablet to control what your child can see and do on theirs. Setting rules and boundaries that protect your child online has never been simpler.

Block inappropriate websites

Not every website is suitable for younger eyes and ears, so curbi makes it easy to block the inappropriate ones. curbi blocks all adult sites and lets you control access to any other categories – like gambling or violent content.


Put a hold on games and apps

With curbi, you decide which apps your child can access – and when. Set ground rules for games, block specific apps or call a total timeout when it’s time to study – or sleep.

Monitor online activity

curbi keeps track of the sites your child visits. You can view a summary that shows what sites have been accessed – and for how long. It’s just the insight you need (to be confident) (for peace of mind) when your child is online.

Create curbi 'Rules' to control access at bedtime, school time or any time you like
Instantly put your child's phone into 'Timeout' and block all internet access
Restrict features on your child's phone such as the camera, the iTunes store and in-app purchases
Permanently block categories of content like social media sites and gambling sites
Permanent Google Safe Search to avoid surprizes!
Weekly email report of your child's device usage
Manage all the devices in your household from YOUR iPhone or iPad, or the Web

curbi is a proud partner of the SafetyNet cybersafety program and the San Diego Police Foundation.

Free forever for up to 2 devices

curbi on NBC7 SAN DIEGO

NBC7 anchor Angela Chee and San Diego Police Foundation CEO Sara Napoli discuss curbi.